Each piece is made with the intention of love and peace.

Welcome to my shop! I’m thrilled to share my work with you. What you’ll find here are unique, one of a kind pieces that are entirely handmade by me in our tiny beach cottage here in Venice, CA. I make jewelry that I want to wear so there is always a hint of Venice Beach and Topanga Canyon in my color palettes and more than a hint of hippie vibe in the style.

My necklaces are of generous lengths—many with adjustments—so curvy women can wear them easily and thin women can double them. I’ve always been tall and have always had a difficult time finding the long styles I loved to actually be long on me!

I also pay particular attention to detail and finishing in order to ensure you the highest quality work at the best prices.

All orders will arrive in my signature box made of recycled paper tied up with hemp string. An organza jewelry bag is also included.

My Process—

I can’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t making something. From the Daisy chains and gum wrapper chains we made in grammar school to my more recent efforts at scanned images and Chinese calligraphy, I’ve always been making something. But a few years ago I was making beach mobiles and trying to use craft wire to hang the pebbles. I wasn’t entirely happy with the results and so jumped onto Pinterest to see what I could find out about wrapping wire around stones. I found some amazing tutorials and websites that taught me the basics and I felt that I had finally found my medium! I loved the tools, the metal, the stones—I was hooked. Soon, necklaces, chains, and earrings were hanging everywhere in my house and friends and family were buying pieces for gifts and for themselves.

My process is very organic; I begin with a stone I like, then sift through all my materials to create a palette of color, shape, size and texture. I lay out all these things across my table and just start playing with various combinations. Sometimes I begin working by making a beaded chain or perhaps by creating elements for a charm tassel. The piece shows me where to go, and I follow along. I find when I try to force a design, it ends up looking stiff or worse, dull. This organic process is great practice for getting out of my head; over thinking is the worse mode for making art.

If I am between projects, only have a short amount of time to work, or am stuck for inspiration, I start making chain. I love the process of chain making. For me it is like pulling weeds in my garden: it is good hand work, repetitive and calming. Very Zen. I work assembly line style: cut all the wire, file all the ends, then form the first wrap on all the wire pieces, then the next step of the process, and so on. The really fun part, after getting all those pieces ready, is getting to link them together, one by one. I feel great satisfaction in watching a chain grow. In fact, that is the most wonderful thing for me about making art: creating a tangible, physical object that evolves beneath my hand. It is perfect therapy to balance my academic life of the mind. So you can be sure that all the chain in my pieces is completely handmade by me—it’s my favorite part! I like to think of my beaded chains as a 21st century version of the love beads of the 60’s; each piece is made with the intention of love and peace.

Each of my pieces is one of a kind and crafted with close attention to detail and finish. I hope you enjoy browsing my shop and hope you find something that speaks to you. I am always happy to make something just for you or to alter the size of an existing piece. Just send me message.

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